Windward 101

101Windward 101 is our annual school-wide orientation that occurs the first three days of school.

Our goals for this unique shared experience are as follows: establish norms and culture, set goals, and community building.

Through a mix of break-out sessions that focus on major themes or academic skills that will be important for the year ahead (i.e. academic conversation skills, technology, service, goal-setting, growth mindset, WHS history, campus improvement projects) and whole-group activities, students and staff have the chance to lay the foundations for the year and get to know each other.

It culminates with a trip to an off-campus location (past locations include Larrabee State Park, Padilla Bay, and Mt. Baker) where students have the opportunity to participate in physical fitness activities, community service, and community building.

It is always a great three days of learning, community, leadership, and creativity!