Spring Interim

Spring Interim is a unique Windward tradition that typically occurs the last week of April.
Regular classes are suspended for one week and all WHS students immerse themselves in an experience of their choice.
interim 2014-15

Students will select one or two options from the list below in 2016:

Arts, Crafts, and Community—Mrs. Joan Hudson (half-day class)

  • use various media and techniques to create yearbook contributions, frameable art, videos, etc.




 Creative Writing/Yearbook—Mr. Rob Slater (half-day class)

  • pre-writing activities, write (all styles/genres welcome), and sharing

Culinary Arts—Mr. Chris Perkins (half-day class)

  • workwith flames and knives to prepare and serve restaurant-style food

Cost: $10-15 for a food handler’s permit.  A small course fee may be added to cover groceries.

Experience Success: Leadership At Its Highest Level—Mr. Ben Barr-Wilson (full-day class)

  • develop leadership skills through group initiatives, games, bouldering, top-roping, and challenge courses

 Film Studies—Mrs. Diana Austin (half-day class)

  • study techniques and traits that filmmakers use to tell their stories in classic and contemporary film (up to PG-13)

 Game Design—Mr. Eddi Vulic (half-day class)

  • how games work, the role of rules, coming up with new game ideas or improving old ones

Lord of the Rings—Mr. Eddi Vulic (half-day class)

  • reading and discussion—story, character, themes, history, influence on pop culture 

Publishing your own book/ebook and Yearbook—Mr. Rob Slater (half-day class)

  • learn the basics of self-publishing using Scrivener and Canva

Cost:  $0-10 (for software)

Singer/Songwriter workshop—Mrs. Diana Austin (half-day class)

  • write and practice original song, culminating with a live performance. This can be done as an individual or a band.

Cost: There may be an option to get a recording of your song for a nominal fee.