Windward Navigation is an advisory course that focuses students on preparing for career and college and ensuring that our students are successful with their high school courses. Students attend Navigation daily larabeefor 45 minutes.

Navigation classes are typically smaller than core and elective classes, consisting of around 20 students of mixed age, grade, and abilities. Students are assigned a Navigation teacher/advisor as a freshman and generally remain with the same teacher/advisor and student group throughout their high school career.

The typical Navigation week follows this schedule:

Mondays (Leadership) Cohort and Project Day – students attend grade-level meetings on a rotating basis or work as a class on student selected campus project or plan for Community Meetings
Tuesdays & Wednesdays (Creativity) Less/Activity Day – Students participate in lessons and activities that align with school values and goals.
Thursdays (Learning)  Grade Check day.
Fridays (Community) Community Meeting: A “Windward tradition” all staff and students gather together for student presentations, guest speakers, reflections of learning, community building activities, student recognition and announcements.

Some of the themes that are covered during Navigation time are:

Career and College Development, Ownership of Learning, Leadership, Service Learning Learning Styles,  Metacognitive Skills, High School and Beyond Planning, PBIS, Growth Mindset, Academic Skills