Mission & Vision


We are an intentionally small, choice school where learning, community, leadership, and creativity flourish.

Our Mission

…is to provide a small, safe learning community that challenges students through creative, personalized academic experiences including integrated curriculum, project-based activities and service learning to prepare students for college, career, relationships and civic contribution.

Our Vision

…encompasses the following four values:


1. We are present and open to new and diverse ideas.
2. We develop growth mindsets–challenging ourselves is how we learn.
3. We describe our learning in terms of goals and accomplishments.
4. We take advantage of learning opportunities to accomplish our goals.
5. We enhance our learning skills–metacognitively learning how to learn.
1. We are a small school, and a big family.
2. We are a safe place to explore personal growth.
3. We commit to a culture of honesty, kindness, and diversity.
4. We participate in school activities, traditions, and celebrations.
5. We engage with and serve our community.
1. We are all leaders.
2. We each take ownership of the community.
3. We expect and value student voice.
4. We act as advocates for ourselves and others.
5. We are prepared and make meaningful contributions.
1. We use our creativity to enrich the world.
2. We discover and pursue our passions.
3. We express learning in individual and community-building ways.
4. We seek ways to build new traditions.
5. We look for creative ways to address challenges.