Teaching & Learning

Welcome to the Ferndale School District Teaching and Learning Department.  We are here to support principals, teachers, students, and parents so that they can all have successful learning filled days.

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Teaching and Learning provides leadership and support for educators and school leaders to ensure engaged and effective teaching and learning for all students in the schools. Our work focuses on learning standards, professional learning, and content support for both local and state and assessment systems.

The ABC’s of Ferndale – Every Day for Every Student

Attendance, Behavior, and Coursework or Course Completion has taken center stage in our efforts to increase student achievement and an increase in our graduation rate in the Ferndale School District this 2016-2017 school year.


Studies show that missing just 10 percent or more of school (chronic absenteeism) – whether absences are excused, unexcused or due to suspension – predicts lower levels of numeracy and literacy for students by third grade, class failure in middle school and higher levels of suspension. It also can lead to a higher likelihood that students will drop out of high school and will have lower levels of persistence in college. Every absence, excused or unexcused, is a learning opportunity lost and can have significant impacts on a student’s success in school and life. Our goal this year is to reduce the number of students who are chronically absent by 7%. That would take our district below 15%. Addressing chronic absenteeism and developing good attendance habits is a solvable problem for which we all share responsibility. Every school in our district and the district as a whole has develop an attendance goal. We are tracking our data and look forward to reporting out our work later this year.




Our schools work hard every day to provide the best learning environment for each student and staff in our schools. One way we do this is through our intentional efforts to care for each student and provide them with the positive support they need to be successful. Our schools throughout the Ferndale School District have been engaged and utilizing the Positive Behavior and Interventions Supports (PBIS) framework for the past few years. While each school is in a different phase of implementation all of our schools are committed to the process. School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports is a systems approach to establishing the social culture and behavioral supports needed for all children in a school to achieve both social and academic success. Our goal is to provide a culture of respect in a safe learning environment so that all students can achieve. Each of our schools have developed teams and have incorporated this work into their School Improvement Plans (SIP) so we can better track our work and results.



Coursework or Course Completion 

The work of our schools is designed around the concept of, Every Day for Every Student. The work done in our classrooms every single day matters. That is why attendance is so important. Our teachers focus on learning targets to provide students and parents focused and targeted instruction. The work our students do is based on standards that have been established and accepted so that you can be assured that the coursework and classes we offer are preparing students for their next grade or class. Every student in every class or course matters and their success in those classes or courses matter. It t is our expectation, just like yours, that our students are meeting or exceeding academic standards. If, for whatever reason, students struggle we provide the necessary resources to support them in the coursework. In the end, our goal is that all of our students are ready for a career or college.

For more information about the A, B, C’s of student learning contact Scott Brittain, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning at or 360.383.9210.