Talk With Your Child About Safe Medicine Use

Graphic of #StartTalkingNow CampaignWashington state tackles opioid epidemic

As early as age 11, some kids try their parents’ pills. Talk with your child about safe medicine use.

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You might have noticed opioid abuse awareness posts popping up in your social media feed over the past few weeks. Ferndale School District has joined other organizations around the state to share information via social media to raise awareness about this serious public health crisis.

Drug overdose is a leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. and in Washington state, and now more Washingtonians are dying from opioid overdoses than car crashes[1].

In 2015, more than 700 people in Washington died from overdoses involving opioids[2], and 57 percent of people currently using heroin were dependent on prescription opioids before they began using heroin[3].

Our state is sounding the alarm, with Governor Jay Inslee signing an executive order intended to raise awareness about this epidemic in the hopes of preventing additional opioid-related addictions and deaths.

We encourage you to share these posts with your friends and organizations, so we can spread the word to encourage #safeuse, #safestorage and #safedisposal. This keeps youth of all ages safe and can prevent misuse, abuse and dependence.

For more information, and to learn how you can make an impact to keep youth safe in your home and community, please see

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