Family Community Coordinators

Family Community Coordinators, or FCCs, serve  each of Ferndale’s six elementary schools. It is our mission to promote student success by joining with families, schools, and the community to address the needs of the whole child. We work with families to inform them about resources that are available to them in Ferndale and the greater Whatcom County area, we assist families in accessing these services, and we provide direct services when needed.   If  you have a secondary student in need of services, please contact your school counselor.

 alicia  ashia
 Alicia Roberts, FCC Special Events Coordinator Cascadia Elementary  383-2330 M & T 8:30 – 4 Custer Elementary 383-9535 W & TH 8:30-4 Ashia Smock, FCC Elementary.Prevention Support Counseling Support Eagleridge Elementary 383-9627 M-F 8:30-4
Rachel Bowlden, FCC 
Early Learning Center
383-9660 M-F 8:30-4
Susan Gribbin, FCC Central Elementary 383-9627 W & Th Skyline Elementary 383-9456 T, Th, F Beach by appointment