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Picture of elementary students
Picture of elementary students
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Children grow and develop at varying rates.  The window of opportunity for growth and development is wide open during the early years from birth to five.  It’s the perfect time to enjoy the wonders of childhood, and to address any concerns you may have.  The Ferndale School District recognizes that these early years provide a unique opportunity to support families as their young children develop.  We provide a variety of services to assist with this.

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The Ferndale School District provides:


Birth to Three Year Old Children

Screening and Services

• The Infant Toddler Early Intervention Program (ITEIP) provides screenings, evaluations, and services for children from birth to age three in partnership with Ferndale School District.

• Family support is emphasized. • If you have any developmental questions about a child in this age range, please contact Christi Louro at the Opportunity Council.

For questions and concerns regarding: Birth to Three Year-Olds:
Please call:
SEAS, Single Entry Access System, 360-715-7485
Julie Brown, 383-2260 x2520 Lummi Birth – Three Program

Three to Five Year-Old Children Screening and Services

• Monthly screenings take place during the school year.

• Parents contact the school district to make an appointment.

• Because children develop at different stages, the screening provides initial information about whether children are developing at a typical rate or not.

• Some differences may indicate a slight delay and others may be cause for further evaluation due to more significant needs.

• The 45-minute screening is conducted by trained personnel. Areas of cause include speech and communication, coordination, cognitive (thinking), self help, and social interactions.

• Screening is the first step to determining if a child’s delays may qualify them for enrollment in the district’s developmental preschool program.


• With parent consent, if a child qualifies for further evaluation, the parent/guardian and child meet with the preschool evaluation team.

• If the child qualifies for the services, an Individualized Education Play (IEP) is created.

• The child can now be enrolled in the developmental preschool program.

Overview of the Developmental Preschool Program

The program provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum for children three through five years old that have significant developmental delays. Our program provides a rich, activity-based preschool learning environment in order to meet the individual needs of all the enrolled children, Children learn and practice skills in all areas through large and small group participation, activity centers, and child-directed play. The goal is to build upon the strengths and capabilities of our students. We believe that children are more alike than they are different and they learn a great deal form watching and interacting with one another.

Speech and Language Services

• For children with mild speech delay who qualify for speech and language needs only, therapy sessions are located at the child’s neighborhood elementary school.

• Parents accompany children to the 30 minute sessions.

For questions and concerns regarding Three to Five Year-Olds:
Please call:
Kim Hawes, 383-9747 Ferndale School District Preschool Screening Coordinator
To make a screening appointment: Kim Bunch , 383-9212 Ferndale School District Special Services Program Assistant


Additional Opportunities

1. Lummi Head Start
2616 Kwina Rd. (360) 384-2260

• Classes for 3-5 year olds

• Enrollment is open until filled

2. West County Head Start
5275 Northwest Ave (360) 734-8396

• Classes for 3-5 year olds

• Enrollment is open until filled

• Early Head Start for prenatal – 3 year olds

3. Eagleview Head Start
2613 Thornton Road (360) 383-9493

• Classes for 3-5 year olds

• Enrollment is open until filled

• Early Head Start for prenatal – 3 year olds