School Calendar Revised-Make Up Days Set

Dear Ferndale Parents and Guardians,

After receiving input from our parents and staff, and much deliberation, we have arrived at a decision about making up the last two snow days.

As you know, we have missed a total of eleven days this year due to inclement weather. Nine of them will be addressed through three waiver days granted by the state, one extra day on January 30, and five extra days during the week of June 19-23.

That leaves two days that still need to be made up.

Last week, we sent a survey to all of our teaching staff, our support staff, and our parents regarding three options for making up those last two days: (1) spring break; (2) Saturdays; or (3) the final week in June.

We received a large number of responses to the survey (more than 2000). However, the results did not point us in a clear direction. Teachers were divided fairly evenly among the three options. While almost half of parents tended to favor spring break, those who opposed spring break were adamantly opposed because they had already made other plans. We definitely value input from everyone; but in this situation, we need to put more weight on input from our staff because we simply cannot run school without them. Since more than a third of staff indicated they have already committed to vacation plans during spring break, we decided we would add two more days to the end of the school year. That means we will be running school on Monday, June 26, and Tuesday, June 27. Visit our website at to view the revised calendar.

The table below summarizes the results of our Snow Make-Up Day Survey. The numbers in the table represent the percentage of the 2000+ respondents, by category, who selected a particular option as their first choice. As you can see, the main thing the data tells us is that we do not all agree!

Certificated Staff

Elementary        Secondary


Classified Staff



Spring Break 33.0% 16.0% 29.0% 43.0%
Saturday 33.0% 42.3% 34.2% 24.5%
End of Year 34.6% 41.9% 37.4% 30.0%

Note: The percentages will not add up to an exact 100%.

With regard to high school seniors, graduation dates remain the same (Ferndale High-June 10; Windward High-June 13). We are working on a plan for seniors to make up lost instructional days. In the near future, seniors and their families will receive information from our high school principals about how days for seniors will be made up.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this will be the last time we need to adjust our calendar to accommodate weather during the 2016-2017 school year!

Thank you for your patience and support.

Dr. Linda Quinn