Policies & Procedures


One of the ongoing responsibilities of the Board of Directors is to establish local policies that guide the operation of the school district. The district’s governance team is committed to updating and streamlining the current set of policies so that:

• the district remains in compliance with state and federal laws {which supercede local district policies)

• local policies reflect the direction of the district’s strategic plan and goals of operational efficiency.

Policy work is an ongoing activity in the district. The Board of Directors is committed to providing clear, concise, and current policies for use by staff, parents, and the community. As policies are updated, a set of accompanying superintendent procedures are being developed. These are designed to help staff and public understand how district procedures implement board policy.

Policies vs. Procedures

Policies are set by the board and impose legal requirements on the district. Policies normally go through a public reading and comment process before they are adopted. New policies and policy changes require board approval.

Procedures are established by the district administration. Procedures do not require board approval. Procedures that are expected to be controversial may go through a public comment process, but that is not required.

Policies and procedures are related because administrative procedures are needed to implement most board policies. If a board policy changes, administrative procedures may need to be changed to reflect the change in policy.

Policy Structure

Policies are organized into series. Each series addresses a different aspect of school district operations.

1000 Board Governance

2000 Instruction

3000 Students

4000 Community Relations

5000 Personnel

6000 Management Support

Flow of Administrative Procedures Review Work

During the 2015-2016 year, all administrative procedures are being reviewed. The general flow of the work  is as follows:

• Review and update by policy consultant, including renumbering, reorganization and content update

• Review by administrative lead(s) for that series

• Review by district administrators

• Implementation

Ongoing Policy Review

Washington State School Directors Association publishes a bi-monthly policy update newsletter Policy News that describes changes in the law, court cases, and attorney general rulings that affect school district policies. Each issue describes the specific policies that are affected by policy number and recommended changes to the WSSDA reference policies.

Once the district policies are revised, future update activity will consist of identifying affected policies, proposing needed updates to the board, board review of changes, and board approval of policy updates on a regular rhythm a few times each year.

If you have any questions regarding policies, please call the superintendent’s office at 360.383.9207 or email