Operation Green Hornet


On Thursday, October 13, 2016, the Ferndale School District will host a large scale Emergency Preparedness Drill in cooperation with Whatcom County First Responders and Emergency Management Agencies.

Operation Green Hornet is intended to achieve the following major outcomes:

1.   Refine Ferndale School District’s capacity and processes to communicate effectively within our District during emergency events.

2.  Refine Ferndale School District’s capacity to work cooperatively and effectively with partner agencies during emergency events by developing strong working relationships with key leaders.

3.  Practice and critique Ferndale School District’s parent-child reunification procedures.

4.  Provide the staff and students at Horizon Middle School with a realistic simulation to stress test their emergency preparedness.

5. Provide local first responders with a realistic simulation to practice and refine their response to a disruptive event at a fully occupied school.

Operation Green Hornet will begin at approximately 9:00 AM when local law enforcement will converge on Horizon Middle School in response to a 911 call. Students and staff will be in lockdown mode for approximately 30 minutes.  After the initial lockdown, students and staff will be evacuated to the Ferndale High School Campus where the School District will conduct a Reunification Drill.  Students and staff will return to Horizon in time for lunch at approximately 12:00 PM.

While students are away from the Horizon Campus, local Police Agencies will conduct several Building Clearing Exercises.  This will be followed by Peace Health St. Joseph Hospital staff conducting a Multiple Injury Exercise at their main campus.  Throughout the morning as these three pieces are taking place, the Whatcom Unified Command staff will be conducting a Regional Communication Exercise.

In addition to the these exercises at Horizon Middle School and Ferndale High School, we expect there to be practice lockdowns at several of our other buildings as well.

Please contact Mark Deebach, Assistant Superintendent for Business and Support Services  if you have questions or need additional information (360)-383-9224.


If you are planning to pick up or drop off your child during the Emergency Drill, you may be delayed as we practice our Lock Down Procedures.  We work to make these drills as realistic as possible without adding undue stress or confusion.  This means that when we are in any lockdown including a practice lockdown, you will not be allowed to enter the school.  Horizon families will be allowed to sign out students during the reunification exercise at Ferndale High School, by going  directly to the main Gym at Ferndale  High School.

Partner Agencies and Contacts

Airlift Northwest Lummi Nation Police Department
American Red Cross Lummi Nation System Of Care
City of Bellingham Fire Department PeaceHealth
City of Bellingham Office of Emergency Management Prospect Dispatch
City of Bellingham Police Department Skagit County Emergency Management
City of Blaine Police Department Support Officers
City of Ferndale (City Council) Support Officers Community Crisis Care
City of Ferndale (Mayors Office) Volunteer Mobilization Center
Dept. of Homeland Security Air and Marine Whatcom Community College
Dept. of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection Whatcom County Fire District #7
Federal Bureau of Investigation Whatcom County Fire Marshal’s Office
Ferndale Police Department Whatcom County Sheriffs Office
Ferndale Police Department Auxilliary Communication Service Whatcom County Sheriffs Office Special Response Unit
Ferndale School District Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Auxilliary Communications Service
Ferndale School District Safety Advisory Committee Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Community Emergency Response Team
Lummi Nation Behaviorial Health Whatcom County Sheriffs Office Division of Emergency Management
Lummi Nation Business Council WhatComm Dispatch