Student Safety

The Ferndale School District is fully committed to the physical, social, and emotional safety of every student we serve.  Below please find information about some of the specific programs and strategies that we employ to prepare in advance, address, monitor results, and grow out capacity to create and maintain safe learning environments at all of our school sites.

Annual Large Scale Drills with Partner Agencies

The Ferndale School District has worked diligently over the last several years to develop strong meaningful relationships with nearby Government Agencies through the planning and carrying out of large scale multi agency drills.  We have adopted a proactive and deliberate approach to Emergency Response and preparedness.  For information about this year’s large drill visit Operation Iron Viking

Regular Emergency Drills in all Buildings

In addition to the large scale drills such as Operation Green Hornet all of our schools conduct regular drills to prepare for many different kinds of disruptive events.  These are planned in advance, conducted and recorded, and later debriefed by the building staff to address any concerns and systematically refine each type of drill.  Typically buildings have specific protocols for responding to these different types of  events:

Fire Drills   used in case of a fire or other emergency when the building needs to be cleared quickly

Earthquake Drills  used to respond in the moment to an earthquake or other natural disaster that threatens the stability of buildings

•Lockdown Drills used to secure staff and students inside of buildings if an external threat or intruder is present

Shelter in Place Drills   used to respond to an outside environmental threat such as a gas leak or storm.  Students and staff will typically assemble in a Gym or other large space so that air  flow can be restricted and food or water can be distributed

While each of these drills is intended to address a specific type of threat, there are many common practices that we use to ensure every student is safe and accounted for.  Planning and conducting these drills is one responsibility of each Building Safety Team (which meets quarterly or more frequently if the need arises).  For more information about drills planned for your child’s school, please contact the Building Principal.

Required Annual Staff Trainings

In addition to the above safety drills, we require every staff member in Ferndale School District to complete annual training that addresses specific student Health and Safety.  Examples of the types of trainings that staff complete include:  Harassment and Bullying, Asthma Awareness, Understanding Diabetes, and Right Response De-Escalation.