Maintenance and Operations Levy


The community has supported a Maintenance and Operations Levy for Ferndale schools since 1977. This levy funds a quarter of teacher salaries, two-thirds of our classified staff, as well as athletic, music, technology, and safety programs for our students. Voters were asked to renew the M&O Levy during the February 9, 2016, Special Election.



On behalf of the Ferndale School District, I want to thank the community for supporting our public schools in the most recent election. Our Maintenance and Operations Levy is passing with 65 percent of the vote as of this writing.

This levy accounts for 25 percent of all school funding, and touches every aspect of a student’s time in our schools. From providing teachers in the classroom to classified staff, transportation, technology, and extracurricular programs, your support is critical to help educate the youngest members of our community.

We will continue to report back on how this funding is being used to enhance our students’education and their accomplishments. Again, thank you for your ongoing support. We are more grateful than words can say.


Dr. Linda Quinn, Superintendent


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