MealTime Online



MealTime Online – Meal Account Deposits, enables you to make prepay deposits and payments on balances for your student’s school lunch account, conveniently, safely and securely.

You can also view your student’s account activity, including onsite payments, online payments, current balance and a detailed history of meal and food item purchases.

MealTime Online – School Fee Payments, enables you to use your credit card to pay virtually any type of school fee your student’s school or district has made available. Sports and activity fees, fundraisers, yearbook purchases, and more can be paid using MealTime Online. Each school or district decides which fees to make available online.

MealTime Online – Free & Reduced Applications, simplifies the process of filling out free and reduced price meal applications and submitting them for approval to your student’s school or district. Through a series of data entry screens, you can complete and submit your application quickly and easily.

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