Communications Advisory Committee

The Communications Advisory Committee (CAC) was implemented in 2011. Its overarching goal is to recommend actions to the school board and administration that will improve communications within Ferndale schools, and between the district and its constituents. This group of community members, parents, teachers, support staff and administrators has educated itself about the latest and most effective trends in school district information. They have become experts in the current state of communication in our district. CAC meets on the first Thursday of each month during the school year months.

Purposes of CAC

• Assess the current state of communications in the Ferndale School District.
• Research best practices related to school district communications.
• Examine the needs of students and staff in relationship to communication.
• Create a vision and plan for effective communication in Ferndale.
• Make recommendations regarding the implementation of the plan to the school board and the executive team.

School Board Commitment No. 2 Guides the Committee’s Work
Commitment to Communicating Openly and Effectively
We know that good communication is vital to the success of any organization. For our public school system, regular, transparent, inclusive, two-way communication is critical at all levels with students, staff, parents and community members. (View the 5 Strategic Commitments developed by the Ferndale School District School Board here)

If you have questions about the Communications Advisory Committee, contact Tammy Bengen at or (360) 383-9207.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please download this invitation:
Communications Advisory Committee Invitation