Our Mission

Ferndale School District and Central Elementary School, in partnership with families and the larger community, will educate each student to develop the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to lead a self-reliant, socially responsible life.


Our Core Beliefs

All students can learn.
Instruction and curriculum will be consistent with the Washington Essential Learning requirements.
Clearly communicated high expectations are essential for students to learn.
Our methods of instruction will strive to recognize and respond to individual learning styles.
Both children and adults need an environment that is safe, physically and emotionally, to be able to learn and work.
We provide an environment for all staff that encourages growth and professional responsibility.
Education is also about knowing truth, beauty, and goodness.
The values that we live and teach include caring for others, honesty, fairness, responsibility, value of work and respect for self and others.
We value our diverse community as we work toward common goals.
An “I Can” attitude is important for teachers, students and community.
Children develop positive self-esteem through success in learning.
Learning is a life-long process for all.