Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
Cascadia PBIS-Safe-Responsible-Respectful

Cascadia PBIS Behavior Expectations

_______________________Be SafeBe RespectfulBe Responsible
Common Area• Walk facing forward
• Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
• Get an adult for acci-dents and spills
• Use equipment and materials appropriately
• Use Kind words and actions
• Be honest
• Wait your turn
• Follow expectations and remind others
• Take proper care of personal belongings and school equipment
• Clean up after yourself
Playground• Stay off the road
• Use the STAIRS ONLY to come and go from upper play areas
• Use equipment appro-priately
• Chase and tag on the upper field only
• Keep hands and feet to yourself
• If needed ask an adult
• Use kind words with all adults and students
• Follow directions the first time given
• Ask to join games or wait for your turn in line
• Wait patiently on lower playground for sprout balls
• The last person to have equipment when the bell rings is responsible
Lunchroom• Eat your own food only
• Inform an adult if you spill
• Empty trays carefully and stack to circle
• Look and listen when adults speak
• Use quiet, talking voices
• Raise your hand for help
• Listen for the bell and respond appropriately
• Clean up after yourself
• Inform and adult if you spill
• Empty trays carefully and stack circle to circle

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