Cascadia Drums with Dr. Patricia Bourne

In 2016, Cascadia Elementary has been making good use of their new set of tubano drums generously provided by the PTO. To top off all of this drumming fun, Western Washington University Music Professor Dr. Patricia Bourne graciously donated her time and expertise to lead a six-week long World Drumming residency.

Although Dr. Bourne leads two to three such residencies in select area schools each year, she has never before been interested in working with a particular group of students for more than one residency. However, after working with Cascadia’s fourth graders last year, she was so impressed that she asked to return so that she could continue to work with them as fifth graders alongside their music teacher, Mrs. Beverly Dooley, for a second year in a row.

In addition to its musical value, group drumming promotes community and team building as students learn just how valuable it is to collaborate and listen to one another. They become aware of the value of their own individual contribution within the context of the team and are left with a sense of belonging. Maybe most importantly, Cascadia’s students will tell you that drumming is just plain FUN!
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Cascadia Drums with Dr. Patricia Bourne from Ferndale Schools on Vimeo.